Resume Scoring: How to Beat the Resume Robots

Have you ever spent hours and hours applying for jobs online but your phone never rings and your inbox only fills with spam and Facebook notifications?  One of the most consistent reasons is that your resume didn't make it past what I call the "resume robots."

When you click on "Apply Now", your resume is typically uploaded into an applicant tracking program like Taleo.  Once in the applicant tracking system, your resume is broken into separate fields and then "scored".  Just like a credit score, the higher the score the more "worthy" you are to be considered.  Using as an example, the closer you get to a perfect "10" score, the more likely you are to show up on a recruiters search and get a call to begin the interview process.

Don't believe me, check it out for yourself using the "Power Search" Test Drive on  You can find it by going to: Power Search Trial


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