Jewelry boxes and Cheeseburgers: A chance encounter that helped me take back my life


My wife and I were committed to spending Saturday cleaning out a small, white storage building that we acquired many years ago when we purchased our property.  As we opened the door to the decades-old building, the first thing that we noticed was the smell. If you’ve ever been in the basement of an old library you will remember the smell too.  It was old, stagnant air. The kind of smell that reminds you of how long the contents have been undisturbed and waiting for someone to rediscover the forgotten treasures buried within. As we started to sift through the old building, we found many interesting artifacts that included things like antique chairs, crystal glasses, a saddle, and even a well-tarnished rifle bullet.  As we made our way through the stacks of aging boxes, I noticed something unusual on a corner shelf. It appeared to be an old jewelry box tucked away and now forgotten by its owner. 

I have to admit that my heart raced a little...

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