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I am frustrated....

As an HR professional for some of the top companies in the world over the past 25 years, I am shocked when people tell me about how they are stuck in a job that they don't like or they have trouble paying the bills because they don't earn much for their hard work. 

The problem gets worse when I ask about their plan to get a better job and earn more pay.  Most say they've sent countless resumes to lots of companies but never hear back from any of them.  Some have even paid "professional" resume writing companies lots of the money they can't really afford to give up only to get the same results.  (no calls after applying)  

Everyone is at a disadvantage when the rules of the games change but no one let's you know.  This is what happened with job search strategy over the last 10+ years.  Most people are using outdated information when they write their own resumes and it's having a HUGE impact on their ability to show up in today's war for finding great talent. 

Finally (and shame on me for not doing this sooner) I decided to document my "behind the scenes" knowledge so you can break through the barriers and finally get a job and build a career that you deserve.    

Consider the Career Jump Start Academy as your easy to use reference guide to help you understand the fundamentals of job searches.   

This introduction pack will provide you immediate access to six of my most popular classes that will help get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers as you've never experienced before.  Specifically we'll cover:

LESSON 1 and 2:

Who's In Control of Your Career?

The first step in developing your career, landing a great job or earning a promotion is to understand who's really in control of your life and career. Learning how to think like a Career Rock Star is the first step in realizing your true potential.


Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment enables you to get critical career direction and insight into options that align with your personal interests and abilities. It's the #1 assessment that my clients tell me has made a huge difference in finding the perfect job for them.

LESSON 4 and 5:  

How to Beat the Resume Robots

In these lessons I'll share a "behind the scenes" view of how the "recruiting robots" either screen you out or invite you to an interview with the company of your dreams. Pay close attention because this is where the rubber meets the road. Once you understand this concept, our next step will be to align your resume to the new age of job search and your inbox or phone will come to life with contacts from recruiters.


Resume Makeover: Writing a Powerful Resume

A step by step guide to writing a resume that will get you noticed.


Resume Template that will save you the guess work on what you should provide in your resume and the best order or, worse yet, starting from nothing.


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