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Career/Job Search Coaching

Get expert advice directly from Greg. In a 1:1 discussion, you will get customized advice to help you advance your career in record time.

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Start a Career

New to the job world? College and high school grads need a plan to get noticed and hired. Let Greg help you put that education to work and maximize your earning potential.

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Layoff Recovery

Receiving notice that your position (and your paycheck) has been eliminated can be overwheliming.  Get the customized help you need to find your next job fast.

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Did you know that most companies use software to help them find the best candidates? Get help from a pro to get your resume past the robots and get noticed now. 

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95% of recruiters find top talent via Linkedin. If you profile is setup correctly and completely it is your person ticket to finding your next opportunity quickly.

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Got a HR question?

Need to talk about something that happened at work? With over 25 years supporting top companies, I can help you find the best resolution to all your questions.

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